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    lags Says:

    Excellent how to! Work well for me but when mapping share from the script, it always ask for a password. Since I am log on the ad with the right user, it’s not suppose to ask the password twice?! Another question: is there is a way to add shared printer in the script?

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    GW Says:

    Question 1: You should not be asked for a password when using the script to “map” a resource to which the user logged into the mac system has access. So if I log onto the mac with the AD user gwlabperson and that account is allowed to access \\fileserver\gwlabperson$ then the script would not prompt me for additional authentication. It will just mount. I verified this for about 30 AD users all using the script above in 10.5.6 so I’m wondering where the differences in our setup are.
    Question 2: I haven’t tried adding printers to the script but I have a project in about 1 month to set up another mac lab with AD sign on. It’s almost certain they will want to include printers and if I get it working in a script I’ll post it here.

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    cavila Says:

    this is a great note GW. i followed your instructions and now my my is in the domain. the only problem is that is does not load my home directory from the network. i am very new at scripting when i try to use your example it.

    Set strUserName to do shell script “cavila”
    set strFileServer to “DET-HURLEY-02”
    set strMount to “smb://” & /Hurley02Users/CustRelations & “/” & “CAvila″
    mount volume strMount
    set strMount to “smb://” & strFileServer & “/” & strUserName & “$”
    mount volume strMount

    i get error before saving the script as application without checking any boxes

    “”Expected “given”, “in”, “of”, expression, “with”, “without”, other parameter name, etc. but found unknown token.”"

    can you help?

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    GW Says:

    Ok try this:
    Set strUserName to do shell script “whoami”
    set strFileServer to “DET-HURLEY-02”
    set strMount to “smb://” & strFileServer & “/CustRelations/” & strUserName
    mount volume strMount

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    phillip Says:

    Hi I to need to add a map shared printer at log on for domain users can you help.

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    GW Says:

    Yeah that seems to be a popular issue – as I pointed out to lags above I haven’t actually tried mapping a printer yet. However, only about a week or two before I will be starting on the project I mentioned in the reply to lags.
    If I get a map printer solution working or if someone stops by the site and leaves their experience with mapping printers at logon I’ll add that info.

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